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In these unprecedented times, our call on crisis funds for financial support of our homeless veterans or those at risk of homelessness

has grown louder as we are already down $100k due to the

Covid-19 restrictions.

Our veterans and their families are at increasing risk and we need to raise funds to provide basic needs and ensure stable accommodation as we have lost a significant source of fundraising.


We help hundreds of homeless veterans with short term accommodation and thousands

of veterans and their families all around Australia over the last 13 years who are in need of help with basic needs such as food and petrol vouchers, phone, internet, utilities and

rent payments.


We are only asking for

$20 for each attendee.

The Backyard Sleep Outs are

small, closed events that you

organise for family, friends,

colleagues, or your local

community group.

Your event can take place

anywhere, from back gardens

to your street: as long as the venue

is safe and legal!

And get involved!

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